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There's A Song For You In Area 2!

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Note: The AC&C Guidelines are not included here. They are undergoing an extensive revision by the Manual Coordinator, Diane Coates.

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                   Council Meeting Documents

April 2014 Council Meeting Minutes

AC&C Host Chapter Rotation

Convention Team Job Descriptions

2013-14 Budget 02/17/14

2013-14 US Checking

2013-14 US Checking Rockland 2014

Interim Votes:

December 4, 2013:

The Finance committee has discussed some changes to the current year budget.  These have been reviewed and approved by the Finance Committee.  This is now being submitted to the Area 2 Council.

Amy Harker, Finance Advisor

I make a motion to accept the following proposed changes to the current year budget recommended by the Finance Committee: Motion 2nd by Jan LeClair:

  1. Increase the line item for Area Director Travel to $750.00.
  2. Increase the Judge's Assistance Fund to $1650 US and $150 CND in order to have $150 per judge (for the current judges and candidates - 11 US and 1 CND)
  3. Allow the Treasurer to purchase a copy of Quickbooks to use to keep Area 2 Accounts in good order for up to $180.

Sue Staples, Parliamentarian confirmed motion passed on December 5, 2013.

February 25, 2014

Based on a request from Sounds of the Seacoast to engage Foreign Exchange as mic testers for the quartet contest. All 4 members were not planning to attend AC&C this year.

I motion that the Area 2 ACJC be able to ask Foreign Exchange to be our Mic Testers at AC&C 2014.  That they do so without paying for an AEP and only be allowed to mic test and watch the quartet contest.

Gayle Jordan, President, Harmony Heritage

Motion Second by Joyce Auger, Sound of the Seacoast 2/15/14

Sue Staples, Parliamentarian confirmed motion passed on March 1, 2014 with 8 votes approving and 1 abstention

Aug 17 2013 Meeting Minutes

2013-14 Budget and Dues

Apr 2013 Meeting Minutes
Apr 2013 Meeting Agenda - Agenda Items 4/8 Background - AC&C Fundraising Ideas - Budgets - Bank Reconciliation - Agenda Item 7 - Click here for Annual Reports
Nov 2012 Budget and Nov 2012 Checking and Savings
Aug 2012 Council Meeting Minutes
Apr 2012 Council Meeting Minutes Revised
Apr 2012 US Checking / Reports and Membership Stats
Mar 2012 Conf Call Minutes
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2011-12 Treasurer's Report and 2012-13 Budget
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